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Halloween Pillow Covers 

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Halloween Pillow Covers 

Written By: Claire Joyce Johnson 


Iron en 

PDF applique pattern (1) 
available to download in Step 1 

Pencil (1) 

Sewing machine (1) 

Sharp scissors (1) 
Straight pins (1) 
Tape measure (1) 


Cotton fabric (1) 

Halloween-print fabric (1) 

/ sued orange and black polka dots and 


Felt (1) 

Felt (1) 

Cotton fabric (1) 

Paper-backed iron-on adhesive (1) 
/ used Pel Ion Wonder- Under 

Thread (1) 

Cotton fabric (1) 


Halloween is one of those holidays that is full of creativity, especially if you like making 
crazy costumes, or carving pumpkins, or decorating your home, or making candied apples, 
or creating spooky appetizers ... I could go on and on. This holiday is rife with fun things you 
can do to make your life a little bit more festive. 

I love working on a small project that can be finished in one sitting - one that you can use 
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Halloween Pillow Covers 

year after year to spice up your holiday decor - and pillow covers are just the thing! This 
year I looked at a variety of vintage Halloween decorations and came up with four patterns 
for fun pillow shams. When I made these, I used cotton fabric for most of the color, but the 
top layer of each applique is felt - I like the shift in texture, which gives each design a 
slightly flocked look. 

In this tutorial I will show you how to make all four of these easy, decorative pillow covers 
with Halloween-themed appliques. 

Project originally published on CRAFT . 

Step 1 — Download pattern and cut Halloween fabric 

• I made pillow covers for throw pillows that measured 14" x 14". If you are interested 
in covering a larger pillow, you can simply adjust the measurements accordingly 
(you could easily keep the image size the same and adjust the width of the fabric strips 
used to frame the applique image). 

• Download and print the PDF applique patterns. You will notice that the pattern pieces tell 
you what color of fabric I used for each piece in my examples and whether it was felt or 
not. The pattern pieces also tell you in what order to iron each applique piece to the 

• For the pillow, cut a 13" x 13" square from the orange and dark blue cotton fabric and cut 
two squares of black cotton. 

• From the Halloween print fabric, cut 2 strips of fabric that are 1 1/2" x 13"; 2 strips that are 
1 1/2" x 15"; and 2 rectangles that are 10" x 15". Set these aside. 

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Halloween Pillow Covers 

Step 2 — Prepare applique pieces 

• Cut out the applique pattern pieces and use a pencil to trace them onto the paper side of 
the Wonder-Under, leaving space around each shape so you can cut around them leaving 
a margin. 

• Cut around the traced shapes on the Wonder-Under, leaving a margin around each shape 
(leaving a margin ensures that the adhesive is well stuck all the way to the edge of each 
shape when it is later trimmed to the proper form). 

• Each pattern piece suggests a color of fabric - place the adhesive side of the Wonder- 
Under on the correct color of fabric. Follow the heat setting instructions that came with the 
Wonder-Under to iron the fabric to the adhesive. 

• The felt sheets advise against using an iron on them - I found this was no problem 
for this project. 

• Carefully cut out the traced shapes. 

• Peel the paper backing off of each applique shape. 

• Select the proper color of 13" x 13" pillow square. Iron it flat. 

Step 3 — Iron applique pieces onto pillow squares 


• Carefully place the applique pieces that are marked "Apply 1st" onto the pillow square with 
the adhesive sides facing down. Check their placement by laying the final piece for the 
pattern on top. Remove the final piece and iron the first pieces in place. 

• Lay the pieces marked "Apply 2nd" in place, adhesive-side down. Iron. 

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Halloween Pillow Covers 

Step 4 — Stitch and iron on remaining applique pieces 

• If you are working on the Pumpkin 
or Cat, use white thread and 
straight stitch around the teeth. If 
you are working on the Owl, use 
green thread to straight stitch 
around the color in the eyes. If you 
are working on the Ghost, use 
white thread to straight stitch 
around the edge of the moon and 
the ghost. 

• For applique pieces marked "Apply 
3rd" and "Apply 4th," lay the pieces 
in place, adhesive-side down. Iron. 

• When adhering the felt 
pieces, I found that the felt 

did not stick as well as the cotton 
fabrics. To fix this, I first used the 
iron to press the shape in place to 
the best of my ability, then I flipped 
the entire pillow square over and 
ironed the felt in place from the 
back - this helped it to adhere 
much better. 

• Use the appropriate color thread to 
straight stitch around each applique 
shape that has an exposed edge. 

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Halloween Pillow Covers 

Step 5 — Attach square to Halloween fabric 

• Stitch the strips of the 1 1/2" x 13" Halloween print fabric to the top and bottom edge of the 
pillow square. Iron the seams toward the outside edge. 

• Stitch the strips of 1 1/2" x 15" Halloween print fabric to the sides of the pillow square. Iron 
the seams towards the outside edge. 

• Stitch the 10" x 15" rectangles of Halloween print fabric to each side of the pillow square. 

• Double fold a 1" hem on the end of each 10" x 15" rectangle. Iron it flat and stitch it in 

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Halloween Pillow Covers 

Step 6 

• With the right sides facing each other, fold the 10" x 15" rectangles over the appliqued 
pillow square. The rectangles will overlap each other in the center. Pin in place. 

• Stitch the top and bottom edge of the pillow square. 

• Turn the pillow cover right side out and stuff your throw pillow inside. 

• Place on your couch or chair and enjoy the festive ambiance! 

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